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choose one of the variants of painting and enjoy a unique work of art at an optimal price

we choose one of the levels of detail and add a color variant

exterior murals

the level of detail (examples below):

f r e s h: up to 2 objects for every 10 m2 (simple graphics with a flat background, with one-level shading or without shading) approx. 13.00 – 18.00 EUR / m2 (time: approx. 10 m2 / 1 day)

m a s t e r : up to 5 objects for every 10 m2 (a work of art rich in details with shading) approx. 18.00 – 22.00 EUR / m2 (duration: approx. 5 m2 / 1 day)

b e t a : up to 10 objects for every 10 m2 (a masterpiece with detailed filling of the entire background and full chiaroscuro) approx. 22.00 – 31.00 EUR / m2 (duration: less than 3 m2 / 1 day)

+ colors (examples below):

m o n o : black and white 2.20 – 4.40 EUR / m2

c o l o r : up to 5 colors 4.40 – 6.60 EUR / m2

t o t a l : over 5 colors (full color palette) 6.60 – 8.80 EUR / m2

visualizations (made on my own photos):

e. g. for a wall of approx. 250.00 m2:

f r e s h   c o l o : 15.50 + 4.40 EUR / m2 = 4975.00 EUR, approx. 25 days of painting

m a s t e r   t o t a l : 18.00 + 6.60 EUR / m2 = 6150.00 EUR, approx. 50 days of painting

b e t a   m o n o : 24.00 + 4.40 EUR / m2 = 7100.00 EUR from 80 days of painting

yotta absolute: no limits from 40.00 EUR / m2

the costs include comprehensive mural execution with substrate preparation

the estimated time of completion is for the painting of the mural itself

for the murals, we use the highest quality facade silicone paints resistant to weather and biological conditions

interior murals (indoors) are valued similarly, but 20% cheaper than exterior murals

Each client deserves individual treatment in accordance with his personal needs, so we approach all projects with due diligence and care to satisfy even the most demanding contractors.

Also for this reason, each order is priced individually according to the scope and purpose it is to serve.

The above price ranges show approximate costs and examples of typical design solutions and implementation conditions. All prices and conditions are negotiable and individual arrangements.

price list

Basic range:

  • Design (sketch) + Visualization
  • Cleaning and preparation of the substrate (depending on the condition of the existing wall)
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Materials: Primer + Paint + Protective varnish (optional)

Additional scope (for individual valuation):

  • Hoist or scaffold (depending on wall dimensions)
  • Removal of fungus and other repair work before painting (depending on the condition of the existing wall)
  • Washable anti-graffiti coating

Net prices. The given prices do not include 23% VAT, which should be added to the given amounts.

The above offer is for information purposes only