artist on the net

“Artist on the net”
Personal portrait of the artist in times of crisis

December 2020
Gdynia Poland

The project was carried out by the Q Sztuce Foundation as part of the Gdynski Falochron Kultury program. It is a presentation of visual artists, people of culture and art in the form of art-video material. Profiles of 5 people, characterized by uniqueness, originality, individuality, and various creative activities. Artists living in Gdynia, who are creatively connected with our city, were invited to the project. They are wonderful artists who share a love for art and communing with it every day. By reflecting on art, looking at the world, inspirations and life, the authors in free interpretation will answer the questions of what is an artist needed for? It will also be an individual commentary on the crisis period and its personal contexts.

The authors of the film: Joanna Borowiec, Anna Julia Lewandowska, Dajana Desi Borowiec